Fashion Week

A closer look at Knuefermann’s bespoke dress for New Zealand Fashion Week

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Clean lines and high shine: Turet Knuefermann lifts inspiration from a Mercedes-Benz for her opening runway show.

Chosen as the ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ designer for 2018, Knuefermann’s bespoke design is expected to be one of the highlights of the opening show for New Zealand Fashion Week 2018.

The black silhouette sheath dress tapers to the form and features a sash-panel at the back to create movement on the runway. The chosen fabric has threads of gold and silver woven into it for a high-shimmer effect.

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Renowned for sourcing high-end textiles for her clients, Knuefermann’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality material parallels that of Mercedes-Benz, each pursuing the perfect balance between form and function.

“It’s where I find my inspiration, it dictates the silhouette, the contrast, and plays an integral role in telling the Knuefermann story, ” says Knuefermann.

“I chose to work with this textile because the subtle sophistication of its finish mirrors the carefully considered detailing of the interior of a Mercedes-Benz.”

Knuefermann will open New Zealand Fashion Week on Monday 27 August, 2018.

Images: Supplied