Fashion Week

NZFW 2015: The final word from Team FQ

Hair at Kate Sylvester

Team FQ rounds up their highlights from New Zealand Fashion Week


“I had a few highlights: Day One was the twenty-seven names show and how it was presented. Sitting in the rain, looking out to the water on the harbour felt like a really dynamic way to see a collection. I also loved the casting, showcasing the beautiful palettes of the collection on all different skin tones was amazing. Day Two was the Harman Grubisa show – I just loved everything about it. If I could afford it I would have taken one of everything. From the makeup, to the tailoring to the Tibetan lamb fur stoles, it was all so luxe. And on Day Three my highlight was Zambesi. I loved the colour palettes – the apricot and the embossed maroon paired with the charcoal. I just thought it was really wearable and really beautiful.”

Favourite hair look
I loved the hair at Kate Sylvester (above) – the little knotted buns with the gold earrings. That kind of nonchalant messy bun – it almost looked like it was tied in a knot by an artist in a studio, using a paintbrush to lock it in.
Standout accessories
For me, that would definitely be the Jasmin Sparrow jewellery pieces that were in the Exhibition space. They were absolutely stunning.
Fabulous footwear
The pull-on boots at Kate Sylvester in olive, burgundy and rich tan.

Harman Grubisa NZFW 2015

Features editor

“My highlight of the week was the RUBY show for sure, the feel-good vibes were off the charts! Not only was the Tonight, Tonight collection completely on my level, but the dancing men sashaying down the runway to Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls) before the finale made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt.”

Favourite soundtrack
100 per cent, twenty-seven names. It was the first show of the week and the first song was Alanis Morissette’s All I Really Want. How could that not make for the best soundtrack? Highly commended goes to Julian Danger’s opening number Honey by Mariah Carey.
Hot-ticket item
The Mongolian sheepskin-fringed coat from Harman Grubisa (above). I’d be willing to not buy any other item of clothing all winter just to have that coat in my wardrobe.
Best non-catwalk moment
The fact that you could shop Ruby’s collection immediately after the show. Talk about genius. In fact, please excuse me, I’ve got some shopping to do…

Bomber jacket at Zambesi

Creative director

“My highlight of the week was meeting Sean Kelly – it was great to get backstage before the show and feel the energy between him and his team.”

Top of my shopping list
Zambesi wine/grape/black textured bomber (above)
Next winter I’ll definitely be wearing
Stolen Girlfriends Club black biker jacket
Biggest surprise
The Ruby ending with the super theatrical dancing

Sean Kelly at NZFW 2015

Digital editor

“Kate Sylvester’s show on the first evening of fashion week was a dream – the beautiful sculptures on the runway; the Cubism art references in the designs, accessories and beauty look; the way the dresses moved on the models as they swept down the catwalk. It was all so gorgeous.  I also loved catching up with Kate after her show – she was absolutely buzzing.”

Currently coveting
It sounds like there’s quite the waiting list for Harman Grubisa’s Tibetan lamb fur coat! So in the meantime, I’m all about Kate Sylvester’s khaki leather dress and feathered-everything by Sean Kelly.
Make-up envy
The Sean Kelly girls were divided into three different beauty squads – but it was the slick of electric blue liner over the top lash line on the girls in feathered white dresses that caught my eye.
Most Shazam-able soundtrack
Andrea Moore blasted out all my favourites – Little Dragon, Phantogram, Toro y Moi, Seinabo Sey.  In fact, it was her stellar setlist (along with twenty-seven names) that prompted our Spotify playlist – the songs were too good not to share! (You can listen to it here.)

twenty-seven names

Features writer

“My favourite part of the week was on Day One: My first evening show at my first ever NZFW, where I was sitting in my first front row seat taking notes for my first NZFW write-up, Mercedes-Benz Presents Kate Sylvester. It was such a pinch myself moment, I won’t be forgetting any of it in a hurry.”

Beauty look I loved
I loved the hair at Zambesi, where sweaty hairlines, fluffy lengths, and random sticky-up bits made for some classic #iwokeuplikedis flawlessness. The gold painted eyebrows at Andrea Moore also caught my eye, definitely keen to see a bit of this happening come party season.
Soundtracks that have stuck in my head
So many bangers this week, from Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé at twenty-seven names, to Dolly Parton’s Jolene at Harman Grubisa. But out of everything, the closing of the Stolen show to Love Will Tear Us Apart just made the most sense to me.
Lust-worthy outerwear 
The long, apricot wool coat at twenty-seven names (above). I loved the way it was styled over apricot wool trousers and a silky apricot blouse, but I also think it would look an absolute dream paired with double denim.

RUBY at NZFW 2015

Fashion & editorial assistant

“The RUBY show was without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of the week for me. One of my favourite NZ comedians Chris Parker wearing RUBY and dancing to Beyonce had me feeling all kinds of wonderful.”

Model moment
Evelina from Clyne during Sean Kelly. The slicked-back hair, minimal make up and sexy tuxedo style dress had the perfect #GirlBoss feel.
Toe-tapping highlights
For me, the soundtrack to a runway show is equally as exciting as the fashion. There were so many key tracks throughout the week but I think, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s Feelin’ Myself during twenty-seven names (’cause, Beyonce) and Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight opening RUBY’s incredible off-site show were my two favourites.
Favourite non-catwalk moment
Dancing to Come on Eileen at the Stolen Girlfriends Club after party – I’m not going to elaborate on that.

Stolen Girlfriends Club
Direct account manager

“The Stolen Girlfriends Club show (above) is always the highlight – it’s just so damn cool.”

Shoe lust
The shiny black patent boots with the blonde wood heel at Andrea Moore.
Best beauty
There were so many beautiful make up looks this week  but the models at the Lucilla Gray presentation had a dewy, pretty and fresh look with very cool nail art.
Biggest surprise
It had to be the surprise performance at the RUBY show by a dance crew and comedians – it was really unexpected and put a smile on everyone’s face, it was so fun and entertaining.