Danish fashion label Ganni to launch rental service

The Danish label plans to ‘increase the lifecycle’ of their garments by introducing a rental service to customers.

After a series of climate change and Extinction Rebellion protests around the world, the world of fashion is seemingly taking notice of the impact it’s having on the environment.

Danish label Ganni, already a bit proponent of sustainability, social responsibility and off-setting their C02 emissions, has announced the introduction of Ganni Repeat, a rental service that allows customers to pay to borrow clothing and accessories items for one to three weeks. The customer will be able to rent the garment on repeat or buy it outright if desired.

It was announced on the label’s Instagram account, with an image that read, ‘Rent, rethink, reduce.’ The caption explained: “We’re on a mission to become circular and increase the lifecycle of our clothes wherever we can. Rethink the way you refresh your wardrobe, rent on repeat.”


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Ganni covered all bases of the environmental impact the move will have, assuring fans, “We’ll be carbon compensating the c02 emissions generated front rental deliveries. Wear it and share it.”

The site is currently only available to customers in Denmark, but the label assured fans that once tested, the service will be available to international customers too.

The launch of Ganni’s exciting venture comes after shocking new statistics about the fashion industry have been released, revealing that we consume more items of clothing in the UK than any other European country.

Research by Celtic&Co this year revealed that on the lifetime of a garment in the United Kingdom alone is estimated at just 2.2 years on average. It’s also been revealed that around 350,000 tonnes worth of used but wearable clothing in the United Kingdom also makes its way to landfill every year.

This article originally appeared on Grazia UK.

Words: Daisy Jordan
Photos: Getty Images, Instagram