A word with: Designer Georgia Alice Currie


The term up-and-coming is one that’s often used to describe fledgling designers in New Zealand, although it seems most appropriate in the instance of Christchurch-born designer Georgia Alice Currie. Only in her third year of business, the 25-year-old’s been dubbed “the next Karen Walker”, and after winning the $10,00 DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship, she’ll hopefully be able to maintain that upwards trajectory. We chatted to the 25-year-old about her vision for the brand and plans for world domination.

What inspired you to start your own label?
I felt like I had something to say, and I couldn’t find clothing that I wanted to wear. I was working in Sydney and I began to realise how much I loved clothing.

What’s the philosophy behind Georgia Alice?
Creating strong, cool, modern and minimal clothing for independent, amazing and inspiring women.

What does the G.A. girl look like?
A mysterious babe. Her clothes act like a superhero cape, she looks exactly how she wants to feel – but never reveals too much. Her clothing does the talking.

Have you been surprised at how good the response has been to your label so far?
I’ve been so happy with the response, it’s the most amazing feeling when you create something that you love and other people can appreciate it.

Have you tried to stand out against other NZ labels?
No not at all, I have just focused on my own vision and my own path.


What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
I think my favourite achievement was when Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller did a write up on my brand – she is my fashion hero, so it was amazing to have her recognise something special about G.A.

Who’s the most impressive advocate of the brand?
Absolutely 100% every girl who wears it. I love seeing girls wearing G.A. and mixing it up with their existing clothing and interpreting it to make it their own. That is what makes me the happiest.

Who are some of the people in the fashion industry that you look up to?
Leandra Medine, Phoebe Philo, Camilla Freeman Topper, Vanessa Traina.

Which fashion labels do you identify with?
I love Acne, Marcus Almeida and Altuzarra.

Are there any specific areas that you want to expand G.A. into next?
I would love to release one perfect eyewear piece and eventually get into accessories. However, I feel like it would need to be perfectly timed – I only want to do the essential for women – so I will release something when I feel like it’s absolutely needed to complete the story.

Which countries would you like to grow the brand in?
America and all of Europe and Asia – basically the entire world. Well that would be my dream.

If you could choose any celebrity to wear your clothes, who would it be?
Emma Watson, because she is refined and modern.