How to find the right bra

It’s the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off – the bare essentials and base of every outfit. Wearing the correct size and style of underwear is vital to our overall look, but we Kiwi women underestimate the importance of our intimates. We chat to Rachael Louise Parkin from Bendon about finding the right size bra for special occasions and specific body shapes.

How to find the right bra

How important is it that your bra fits properly?
It’s essential. You wouldn’t buy new heels without trying them on first, so you should never risk purchasing an ill-fitting bra. Wearing the wrong size can be uncomfortable, cause back and neck pain and damage the delicate breast tissue. Your lingerie is the foundation of your outfit and can make or break what you’re wearing.

When shopping for a new underwear set, how do you know what size you are?
The best way is to be fitted professionally. Bendon has a quick and easy bra fitting technique that takes less than five minutes and you can stay fully dressed.

Finding the right bra size can be difficult for women with a larger bust, what tips can you offer to make the process easier?
Bendon offers women a great range of bras for the larger-busted, both in fashion styles and in more functional, traditional styles. We now have a wide range of options from Evollove, which offers younger, more fashionable styles, to our heritage brand, Fayreform.

What style of bra is best to wear under a white shirt or t-shirt?
Depending on your style, often flesh or nude coloured bras are best to disappear under white. If you want to show a bit of lace, then a beautiful peek of black lace can be gorgeous under a crisp white shirt. Often contoured bras are the best option as that avoids ‘nipple show’.

What is a good style of bra and underwear to wear every day?
Generally a good t-shirt or contour bra is a great option for most women’s day-to-day activity.

What is a good style of underwear to wear for a special occasion?
This will depend on the outerwear you choose to wear, but it may be something with lots of lace and colour, or you may choose to make your underwear disappear with nude or skin colour underwear to provide shape and support.

Can you suggest a good style of underwear for women with an hourglass shape/boyish figure/large bust?
Bendon’s Evollove and Pleasure State V.I.P. are brands that offer support for these body shapes – great options from every day wear to special occasion.

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how to find the right bra

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