Meet designer Ingrid Starnes

Designer Ingrid Starnes chats to the Australian Woman’s Weekly about disposable fashion, her favourite labels and the inspiration behind her latest collection.


Designer Ingrid Starnes.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
My latest collection is called Bletchley Park. I found inspiration in the amazing women that helped crack the Enigma code. It’s a collection that resembles a wardrobe from mid century England – elegant, intelligent, feminine and with the most beautiful detail. As ever, the collection is in a style that resembles fashion from the 40s to the 60s which I believe is the most elegant era. I’d like to think the woman wearing my clothes would live a life of mystery, drama and excitement- a code-breaker who would wind up at London’s nightclubs in The Hour, then spend her night in the company of Twiggy. My collection is for women who get things done, they are the star of their own show. These are the women who inspire me.

What is the must-have garment from your latest collection?
The Montgomery Coat.

What hot new trend we will see this autumn/winter?
I’m not big on trends. I believe that being on trend is wearing something beautiful that you love. But what I do love is the increase in people making the effort to know what products are made of and support and celebrate good quality clothing. It’s visible in the way people buy their food products, for example, where consumers are refusing to eat barn eggs and crate pork. I love seeing how customers are turning away from disposable fashion and are focused on wanting good quality clothing, made ethically and with love.

What is your most memorable clothing purchase?
A 1930s viscose crepe floral dress from Victorian Gilt – that shop is my heaven.

What local and international designers do you admire?
My favorite local desigers are Kate Sylvester  & Miss Crabb, while internationally, I love Miuccia Prada & Clare Waight Keller.

What piece of clothing will we never see you wearing?
I prefer not to make judgements on what people might like to wear.

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