Inside Moochi’s Bridesmaid Collection

The search for classic bridesmaid dresses that will stand the photo album test of time can be tricky. But after listening to customers in pursuit of this holy grail of gowns, Moochi has taken the lead, releasing a thoughtfully curated new collection of dresses in universally flattering and chic styles that will no doubt continue to stay relevant.

With over 100 dress options and colour palettes, the Moochi collection enables soon-to-be brides to tailor their bridal party to suit their theme, without having to compromise on style. “We work very closely with our brides-to-be through the consultation and ordering process and are always open to their ideas and requests when it comes to planning the look for their big day,” says Moochi’s Kim Draper. “We were finding that some of the styles from our mainline range were being requested regularly for bridesmaids so thought it was time to bring these new styles – the Lotus Dress, Camellia Dress and Iris Dress – into the Bridesmaid Collection to offer something fresh for the new season.”

Whether you’re choosing a rich, dark colour scheme or theme, or instead welcoming guests with pretty spring pastels, Moochi are able to accommodate any wishes or requests. “The colour creative comes right at the end of the process, rather than the beginning,” says Kim. “We’ve tried to design the range so that it can suit a number of different colours as each bride has a different palette in mind. We have a large selection of colours available so our personal stylist will work with the customer to find one that will suit the look of her day – often soft pinks and greys are the most popular.”

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