NOM*D ‘NOISE’ 2015 Look book

‘Bring the Noise!’ as Chuck D and Public Enemy once said. Alongside cohorts Anthrax, that crew saw Noise as an unstoppable force; after all it took ‘a nation of millions to hold them back’.So it is with NOM*d, always more likely to embrace the outsider than fall into line. NOISE, their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is a clarion call to fans of NOM*d everywhere, that this is the truest sound, the sweetest clamour of the NOM*d essence we may yet have seen.Some classic NOM*d riffs are played out; Zee kilt, in fine black voile and knitwear, that foundation of the NOM*d sound which has reverberated strongly throughout the years, is prevalent once again, clearly this collection’s bassline. Forget white noise, or even pink noise, the palette of this collection is wall-to-wall black, or shades thereof. The stone and indigo of the parkas, work coats and simple shirts play in full accompaniment. The collection’s print is a study of ears with the subtle adornment of a few random earrings. Standing spotlit, front and centre stage, the NOM*d Noise girl’s signature silhouette presents floor sweeping lengths with skirts, kilts, parkas, coats and aprons. T-shirt prints revisit the famous Bitch Session series, with gigs at The Glory Hole featuring Skinny Bob, Equalizer and Shampoo & Conditioner NOISE; this is NOM*d as you have always loved it with the volume turned right up to eleven.