Top picks from Jane Daniels W15

Winter 2015 by Jane Daniels was inspired by a land far away. The collection is picturesque and wearable for everyday chic with pops of jewel colours and rich fabrics. Jane Daniels explains her inspiration:

“Exotic travel exposes you to new ways of seeing colour. The winter palette is anchored by my exploration of Oman and Zanzibar.

Frankincense is the ‘gold’ of Oman: the origin of the ancient trail. Inspiration came from the contrast of the golden green foliage against the dark purple of the mountains, the endless burnt orange desert of the Wahiba sands and the unusual colour combinations of the hand painted ceilings of Jabrin castle.

Zanzibar revealed brilliantly coloured spices, Princess Salme’s elaborate costumes, the deep blues and violets of the tanzanite gemstone and the enticing aquamarine water.”