Meet the FQ team: Beauty editor Megan Bedford


NZFW is upon us and Fashion Quarterly is your all-access pass, bringing you exclusive backstage videos, the very best street style, interviews with top fashion designers and models, runway reviews and beauty breakdowns – 24/7 .

Want to meet the team making it happen? Introducing our beauty editor, Megan Bedford.
You can find her @meganbedford.

What’s your role at Fashion Quarterly?
Beauty editor for both FQ and Miss FQ.

What will your focus be at NZFW?
Mentally compiling my outfit goals for next year. Oh wait, I mean, getting the intel on key beauty looks that might actually translate to our everyday lives as well as those statement moments that help complete a fashion lewk and make the show one to remember.

When did you attend your first NZFW and what’s your standout memory from it?
My first fashion week was in 2005 and I’ve been to almost all of them since, so the memories do blur with what happened in which year, but I have very fond memories of my early Zambesi shows. A safe bet to say for sure, but the locations, beauty moments and of course the clothes are always outstanding and would be at home at any international fashion week.

What for you has been the ultimate NZFW show/collection?
It’s one that often comes up, but I’ll never forget Kate Sylvester’s Wolf collection in 2006. Kate always weaves a collection inspiration into a beautiful narrative that informs the entire collection and show — you get subtle nods in the clothes and then it emerges more theatrically in the set, the outfit styling, the music and the hair and makeup. This time it was the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood that was the lynchpin, complete with red cape, wool coats, knitwear, sexy thigh-high leather gaiters and faux ‘wolf’ fur.

What show(s) are you most looking forward to this year?
Jimmy D’s off-site show – James Dobson always does something left of centre.

What trends are you hoping to see in the AW18 collections?
In terms of the beauty – I’d like to see clean faces with some sort of striking colour statement (not necessarily lips) and some more embracing/ playing up individuality in terms of what suits each model and his or her facial structure, complexion and hair type rather than a uniform look. In relation to clothes – on one side I’d like to see a relaxed ease that is chic and uncontrived, but I’d also like to see a bit more assertive sex appeal too. Not in the same collections probably!


What’s something that people don’t know about attending NZFW?
The days can be long but there’s absolutely nothing like the pounding music, the lights coming up, the girls striding out — it all comes together to create a capsule moment that communicates everything about a label/collection at that moment in time in a really cool way. While I love the way social media and an online presence has changed fashion communication and branding — there’s something so special about an irl old-school runway show!

What’s your key to surviving the week?
Making sure to always remember I’m in a privileged position and that doing back to back shows and working means long-ass days but plenty of other people would give their right arm to be there so there’s no place for complaints or sore feet!

What ensembles will we be seeing you in/what’s your NZFW style?
Simple black on black — mostly slim jeans, leather, blazers, jackets and maybe a white shirt or two.

What song will have you chair dancing like no other?
There ain’t nothing like a good old school hip hop or RNB throwback — they always turn up somewhere!