Meet the FQ team: editor Sally-Ann Mullin

Sally-Ann Mullin

NZFW is upon us and Fashion Quarterly is your all-access pass, bringing you exclusive backstage videos, the very best street style, interviews with top fashion designers and models, runway reviews and beauty breakdowns – 24/7.

Want to meet the team making it happen? Introducing our editor, Sally-Ann Mullin.
You can find her @sallyannmullin.

What’s your role at Fashion Quarterly?
Editor of Fashion Quarterly and managing editor of Miss FQ.

When did you attend your first NZFW and what’s your standout memory from it?
I was at makeup school in 2002 and NZFW was in its second year. I was lucky enough to get to work as one of many interns on the WORLD show under hair legend Brent Lawler. There were giant wigs, more glitter than I’d ever seen in one room and plenty of body paint. I spent the afternoon painting Anna Reeve (nee Fitzpatrick) black with MAC body paint from head to toe. She was 15 at the time. It was a pretty eye-opening experience and from then I was hooked. I’ve managed to attend almost every year since, whether working behind the scenes, on the makeup team, or now as a media guest. It is always an honour to be involved and it is one of my favourite weeks of the year.

What for you has been the ultimate NZFW show/collection?
There have been many shows to blow me away and leave an impact so it’s hard to choose, but one of my true favourites was NOM*d Turncoats shown in 2009. It was the dawn of the fashion film trend and the collection was presented on a cold morning at the ho-hum Sky City Theatre. I worked in the film and television industry at the time so I think seeing cinema and fashion come together to present a collection really spoke to me; In fact I think I was so moved I nearly cried! Renowned New Zealand costume designer Kirsty Cameron and stylist Karen Inderbitzen Waller worked together with film company Curious and NOM*d to produce a beautiful eerie mini-film starring blonde ethereal girls and lost forest boys all dressed in the collection styled by Inderbitzen Waller. The scenes were shot in a low-lit room and a west Auckland forest location with post-apocalyptic beautiful lost children running away from camera with a sad cinematic soundtrack. Dreamy. I remember Zippora Seven, Avril Planquel and Avril’s bunny being members of the cast.

What show(s) are you most looking forward to this year?
Knuefermann for Mercedes-Benz Presents and our very own NZFW project the FQ Edit.

Sally-Ann Mullin

What trends are you hoping to see in the AW18 collections?
To shoot for the magazine, I love seeing anything colourful, bold and unique. For my own shopping list I’ll be looking out for tailoring, leather, cashmere and neutrals, because these are forever my go-to.

What’s something that people don’t know about attending NZFW?
It’s really fun and a privilege. It’s not only a week to be immersed in fashion but also a chance to catch up with many old friends and acquaintances, many who we only see at this time of year.

What’s your key to surviving the week?
For me it is eating breakfast. This helps me maintain energy throughout the day/night. The rest of the day consists of the odd Whittaker’s Long rummaged from the bottom of a goodie bag and that’s about it.

What ensembles will we be seeing you in/what’s your NZFW style?
Black or navy tailoring, leather and cashmere. I’ll be mixing these pieces with grey marl t-shirts and crisp white shirts with point-front stilettos, always.

What song will have you chair dancing like no other?
Solange Losing you or anything by Type O Negative for a dark and stormy chair sway.