Meet the FQ team: Fashion assistant Jess Thomson

Jess Thomson

NZFW is upon us and Fashion Quarterly is your all-access pass, bringing you exclusive backstage videos, the very best street style, interviews with top fashion designers and models, runway reviews and beauty breakdowns – 24/7.

Want to meet the team making it happen? Introducing our fashion assistant, Jess Thomson.
You can find her @jesthomson.

What’s your role at Fashion Quarterly?
I am the fashion assistant and stylist across Fashion Quarterly and Miss FQ.

What will your focus be at NZFW?
Attending as many shows as I possibly can and taking as many photographs, notes and ideas from the shows to forward plan for next year’s issues of Fashion Quarterly and Miss FQ. Also more importantly, I’ll be creating content to go live on This way all our readers and followers will be able to keep up with the daily happenings at NZFW without physically being there. I also love the people watching when I get a chance!

When did you attend your first NZFW and what’s your standout memory from it?
Two years ago I attended my first NZFW as a dresser for the Zambesi show and did the odd volunteer thing for a few years. Last year was my first year attending as part of the media. My standout memory from it was how tired I was! Back-to-back shows and installations as well as content creation… you’re pretty much dead by the end of the week! What makes all the tiredness bearable is the immense amount of fun you have and the inspiration you feel. We also get to be around all our favourite people from the industry for an entire week which is fab.

What for you has been the ultimate NZFW show/collection?
Eugenie was a real highlight for me last year in terms of the clothing and styling. From an editorial perspective I loved it. From a show/production point of view, Stolen Girlfriends Club. Their location, production, styling, music… Last year, this show hands down took the cake for me. Dylan and Seb did an incredible job of curating the show so I am really looking forward to SGC again this year.


What show(s) are you most looking forward to this year?
Zambesi – they were missed last year. Kate Sylvester because she always chooses an incredible muse and her designs are personally and editorially really exciting to me. Wynn Hamlyn is another fave of mine.

What trends are you hoping to see in the AW18 collections?
I would like to see some more ill-fitting pieces. I love this idea of big jeans on girls that are super high-waisted and almost look two sizes too big. Same goes of big cable knit jumpers and shirts. I love this idea of not wearing super-tight clothes and I personally really like to take elements of this into my own style eg. a tight pencil skirt with a huge jumper. I also am really hoping there will be an amazing pair of stirrup pants I can eventually get my hands on – I think they are making a comeback…

What’s something that people don’t know about attending NZFW?
A great lesson my fellow FQ-er Phoebe Watt taught me last year is to be careful of your facial expressions. If you are front row, nine times out of 10 you will end up in some form of photograph. Don’t let it be a bad one…

What’s your key to surviving the week?
A power bank for your phone! I literally did not survive without one last year. Doing social posts and stories for every single show for a full day really drains your phone’s battery life.

What ensembles will we be seeing you in/what’s your NZFW style?
I think it’s important to not try too hard or have a full-blown style makeover the week of Fashion Week. You do you… but better. I do feel I tried a little too hard last year so this year I will be sporting my usual look but with some updated/new season pieces. Tight skirt, baggy jumper, sling back stilettos or long high-waisted pants with a blouse and blazer… Without a doubt it rains every year so come prepared with a snazzy umbrella and something to keep you warm – the wind is freezing down at the venue!

What song will have you chair dancing like no other?
Anyone who knows me knows I love an 80’s anthem… Anything from Icehouse (shout out to Huffer for their ‘Great Southern Land’ inclusion in the show last year), Tears for Fears and New Order.