Meet your new IT bag: Charlie Horse’s new collection

Her distinctive, fluro-bright fluffy bag charms known as ‘Bunny Bombs’ are almost ubiquitous attached to the most stylish handbags in the country, so Charlie Perry has decided the time is right to expand the reach of her label Charlie Horse with a new collection of clean-lined leather handbags.

“A well-crafted, beautiful bag that’s simple and available at a reasonable price is a unicorn of sorts” explains Perry. “I have done bags and clutches before but everything up until now has been literally hand-stitched in my home studio using a sewing awl and wax thread.”

Perry is now working with a leather brand to produce the kinds of bags she herself wants to own, referring to ‘Timeless over trending’ as a kind of mantra.

Two styles, a tote and a backpack, make up the new offering, each in five structured matte leather colours with several different coloured interiors.

“Charlie Horse came about after studying fashion In Wellington and working in retail for a long time,” Perry says. “The combination of the two made it a bit of a natural progression and I was itching for a creative outlet. Working within retail has also been invaluable experience; it means I understand the ins and outs a little better.

“I initially dreamt of moving to Italy to study the art of shoes, but I thought bags would be a good starting point. Without wanting to downplay the creative process and actual creation of bags, there’s quite an art to shoes! I planned to exercise my creativity, and eventually learn the art from its masters in Europe. (Charlie Horse) was a way for me to make it happen, earn money but enjoy the creative process and make wonderful bags.”

“The brand has far exceeded what I initially had in mind. I get so excited when I see little Bunny Bombs around Auckland!”

The collection is available exclusively from