Elle Macpherson on lingerie, body insecurities and indulgences

  September 16, 2016
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Elle Macpherson has been in Auckland this week, launching her new lingerie collection. FQ sat down with the supermodel to find out more.

The Australian supermodel has plenty of experience in the business of lingerie – over 25 years in fact. Now, she has taken on the role of lingerie entrepreneur, launching her own brand, Elle Macpherson Body.

Elle holds a 50 per cent stake in the venture and oversees all aspects of the business, from concept and design through to marketing. She also works alongside business partner Simon de Winter in tending to the financial side, including investment and retail distribution.

Hear from Elle on what we can expect from the new range, what advice she’d give her 21-year-old self and what she considers her greatest indulgence, in the video above.

Elle Macpherson Body is available exclusively at Farmers.