Karl Lagerfeld slams selfies

Karl Lagerfeld slams selfies

Karl Lagerfeld with Cara Delevingne. Photo from Instagram.

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, renowed for his oft-absurd statements, has come out against the millenial trend of self-taken photographs.

On the subject of selfies, Lagerfeld told the Guardian: “They are this horrible thing where you are distorted. The chin is too big, the head is too small.”

In the same interview, the designer also slated tattoos (“You will never get clean again”) and warned women over 25 against becoming “sloppy”.

Karl Lagerfeld, who is the creative director at Chanel, Fendi, and his own eponymous label, prides himself on being a designer of the modern world. For the recent launch of his new fragrances, he created a set of emoticons to tie in with the high-tech look of the bottles.