How Lorde went from teen goth to ‘power woman’


Lorde in Lanvin for the Billboard Music Awards. Instagram

Lorde’s stylist has spoken out about the 17-year-old’s style transition during her quick ascension to stardom.

Avigail Collins, who also dresses Rihanna, told the Daily Mail the singer had a strong sense of style from the beginning, and that they worked together to choose outfits for her stage shows.

“Sometimes Ella will email me one thing or a theme that she is into and I will prep for that.

“Or I will prep across a mix of designers and styles I know she likes and try loads of options.”

Collins said Ella’s style had gone from “teenage goth and has progressed into a more grown-up power woman”, favouring designers like Saint Laurent, Celine, Stella McCartney and Prada.

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