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New report ranks major fashion brands based on ethics

Bangladesh textile industry

You would certainly think twice about eating at a restaurant that had a food rating less than a B, so does the same thought extend to your choice of clothing labels and brands?

Baptist World Aid Australia has today released its 2016 Fashion Report, which ranks global and domestic fashion brands on the ethical production of their clothing lines. The fashion report grades over 300 major brands on a scale of A to F on the strength of the systems they have in place to mitigate the risk of forced labour, child labour and exploitation in their global supply chains.

The research found that two thirds of companies were not taking any action to ensure that workers received a living wage to meet their basic needs, leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty. On a more positive note, the report highlights a significant increase in companies that knew their suppliers at the final manufacturing stage – 77%, up from 61% the previous year. Some of the best overall performers in the research included Zara, Cotton On, Country Road and Bonds.

See below for the full graded Brand Index. You can download the 2016 Australia Fashion Report and order the Ethical Fashion Guide at

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