Which designer brand featured most on Sex and the City?

We all know Sex and the City was influential as a brand-building machine, with the characters wearing top-to-toe designer brands to Sunday brunch or fighting over the latest Birkin bag.

So which designer labels were name-dropped the most throughout the 94-episode series?

It will come as no surprise that the SATC ladies (and especially Miss Bradshaw herself) favoured Manolo Blahnik the most, based on the 16 mentions the footwear brand got. Dolce & Gabbana came in at a close second with 15 mentions, followed by Prada (14), Chanel (13) and Gucci (12).

Although you may not always associate fashion with athleticism, it seems Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were as fond of their sports teams as they were their designer clothes: baseball team the New York Yankees were mentioned 26 times and the New York Knicks were uttered 15 times.

And if you thought the characters’ drink of choice was the Cosmopolitan, it was in fact the martini (34) they relied on to get them through break-ups, job crises, and fashion disasters.

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