Are stirrup pants set to make a comeback?

Stirrup pants(H)

Can you believe this trend?

Now that we’re rocking cropped jeans, frayed and tiered of course, fashion is threatening a return of the stirrup.

The stirrup – in case you don’t know – is very special creature which had a very special moment in the 80s. They’re a kind of legging with an elastic band stitched to the hem which tucks under your foot – or if you’re totally fashion-forward, under your shoe.

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The pants trend, spotted during fashion weeks around the globe, could be gaining momentum given there’s an ongoing and seemingly endless fascination with the decade.

But then again, the throwback might just be having a moment, and according to some (does quick poll of colleagues) not such a great one at that.

However, in the spirit of staying open to all possibilities, our thoughts are the pants could provide an interesting take on skinnies, especially if worn with an oversized shirt, jumper or denim jacket.

Although, the style could just as easily pass us by, quite unremarkably, much like it did the first time it was in fashion simply because it’s wearability, on the whole, looks quite limited.

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We’re not totally convinced either way, but leave us your comments on our Facebook page about whether or not you’ll be trying this trend.

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