Photographer Adam Katz Sinding on why you can’t buy style


Adam Katz Sinding.

New York-based photographer Adam Katz Sinding has snapped the likes of Anna Dello Russo, Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld overseas, and is this year turning his lens towards the style set at New Zealand Fashion Week. We quiz him about what catches his eye and how he sets himself apart from other street style photographers.

What does an average day entail for you?
I wish I could remember! Ok… wake up, Instagram, get dressed, go out for coffee probably looking like hell, back home, 400 emails, sending photos, editing photos, posting photos, taking photos, coffee again, eat something fast, editing, shooting, sending, emails, Instagram, coffee, emails, shooting, Instagram, Facebook, run 10km, emails, Instagram, get a drink with friends if I’m in a city where I know people, emails, Instagram, crash.


Adam Katz Sinding photographed by Jonathan Daniel Pryce. Adam Katz Sinding.

What sets you apart from other street style photographers?
I don’t know if I am set apart, but I always try to capture something unique. I think street style is a consumer art form, and is primarily a way to sell clothing to viewers. I don’t want to do that. I want to try to show something with a bit of substance. Not just, ‘Hey, cute shoes!’. I want to show, ‘Look how amazing this woman moves, and she also knows how to dress’. I want to inspire people to be more confident. I love posting photos of a girl or guy in the most basic outfit who looks amazing and is exuding confidence, and have my readers react positively. It’s proof that you cannot buy style. Style is within you. It’s not as easy to show style in a photo as it is to show a cool bag in a static position. I want to show something more than just a shopping guide.

What do you look for when shooting street style?
People. Personalities. Creativity. Innovation. Not just brands.


Adam Katz Sinding.

What’s the most far-flung location you’ve ever been to for work?
Almaty, Kazakhstan. Kiev, Ukraine. Both for Fashion Weeks. I go to Iceland often, and recently went to the Westman Islands, which was pretty remote. But that was just for holiday.

Who’s the most memorable person you’ve ever photographed?
This is impossible. There is not a superlative here. I have tons of memories. That’s why I love this. I take these photos for me, not for the viewer, and if the viewer likes it, it’s a win-win. I can show you an assortment of photos from each city and each season which recall memories.

Are there any New Zealand designers in particular you are interested in seeing?
To be honest, I am thus far unfamiliar. I am coming with a clean slate and an open mind. It will keep me from picking favourites before I even see the shows. I want to watch each show without preconceptions. I’ll get back to you next you about this.

Adam Katz Sinding.

Adam Katz Sinding.

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