20 reasons it’s great to be a woman today



  1. ‘Feminist’ is no longer an insult
  2. You don’t have to have a baby…
  3. …but if you do, you can still keep your job
  4. Plus you can have a family and a career and be excellent at both
  5. Trusting your female intuition is a legitimate business tool
  6. Middle age no longer equates to frumpy
  7. You can marry your girlfriend if you choose to
  8. There are now nail polishes that dry instantly and don’t chip for weeks
  9. Cooking has become cool for blokes (although vacuuming not so much)
  10. Said blokes have learnt not to question what you spend on shoes
  11. Crying is not regarded as a weakness
  12. An ‘on-trend’ hairdo doesn’t require a perm
  13. The glass ceiling is full of cracks and powerful jobs are a  reality, not a dream
  14. Females get elected to lead their countries and it’s no big deal
  15. Shape wear is now comfortable
  16. Designers have realized older women should be celebrated, not forgotten
  17. Your life expectancy keeps going up – it’s now 83 years
  18. You can enjoy your sexual peak without shame
  19. Strong is the new skinny
  20. Man style is currently in vogue and doubles your wardrobe options.