20 things you can always rely on in life


Women laughing

  1. Your wallet being 10 cents short when you need some change
  2. Your kids needing to go to the toilet 10 minutes into a road trip
  3. A warm bed at your parents’ house
  4. A food spill when you’re wearing white
  5. Hollywood marriage breakups
  6. Your embarrassing moments seeming far worse to you than anyone else
  7. What you thought was a ‘free’ parking space having a small vehicle parked in it
  8. Good hair days just happening, without you knowing what you did differently
  9. The ‘other’ sock not being in the dryer, no matter how much you search
  10. Briscoes having a sale
  11. The friend who is there for you, without fail
  12. A Friends re-run being played on some channel or other
  13. Every year going faster than the previous one
  14. Everything seeming better after a good night’s sleep
  15. Taxes
  16. Picking out the only item in store that’s not on sale
  17. A ‘broken’ item miraculously working when someone else takes a look at it
  18. Your dog making you feel like the most loved person in the world
  19. The sun coming up tomorrow
  20. Advice from Mum

From the editors at NEXT