Amelia Holmes shares the inspiration behind her interior design for St Marks

Amelia Holmes

There’s a growing movement worldwide towards living more simply – and interiors styling is at the forefront of this simplistically elegant trend.

Local interior designer and freelance stylist Amelia Holmes has honed her own pared back aesthetic following many years living in New York working with a set designer on projects for clients including American Vogue and Louis Vuitton, and extensively with Teen Vogue and Victoria’s Secret as a stylist assistant to Heathermary Jackson.

Back in New Zealand, Amelia now splits her time between interior and fashion styling, contributing to Fashion Quarterly, Elle Decoration UK and HOME, as well as creative consulting for RUBY. But her latest project, working as the interior designer for the new St Marks luxury apartment residences in Remuera, is allowing Amelia to stamp her uniquely refined mark across three residential buildings, each with their own distinctive design schemes.

The design concept for the build has been coined ‘new urbanism’ and will redefine the concept of apartment living in Auckland. 48 generously proportioned, light-filled and luxurious apartments make up the complex and will boast views of a variety of outlooks from Mt Hobson out to Rangitoto and the Waitemata Harbour and across Auckland’s impressive cityscape. To complement the location and the discerning eye of buyers, Amelia has crafted stand-out interiors across all three buildings based on developer John Harman’s vision of creating spaces that celebrate light.


Fashion Quarterly caught up with Amelia to find out more about the project:

FQ: What drew you to the St Marks project initially?
Amelia Holmes: The location, design and spaciousness of the apartments create a really unique living proposition for Auckland apartment living which appealed to me. The opportunity to work with the incredible architects, building team and landscape designers involved was also a huge drawcard.

What was your inspiration for the interiors of the three residential buildings?
I wanted it to have a soft, natural feel, using luxury finishes to create a contemporary and timeless aesthetic throughout. The stone flooring of The Mark that runs throughout the interior and exterior is one of my favourite features. I like the soft, natural warmth of The Grove and the luxurious materials of The Mac, with the copper kitchen sitting against the warm timber floors.

Kitchen at St Marks apartments

Were there any challenges you came across when working on the design aesthetic?
Like any project, there are occasional challenges. I think the resolution of the project was really succinct and the end result will be pretty special.

How would you describe the aesthetic you created?
John [Harman]’s vision was to create stunning spaces that celebrate light and I designed my interiors to complement this. My goal with the rich but natural tones and layering of textures was to create a luxurious and livable environment that worked in synergy with the view beyond.

The Mark lounge at St Marks apartments

Are there any interiors trends that you’re particularly drawn to at the moment?
I’m always drawn to natural materials and I don’t think that will ever change. I feel like there is a movement towards warmer tones and a shift away from stark white interiors.

How would you describe the way you’ve designed your own home?
I am very minimal in my own home. I have a few pieces of furniture made by local artisans that I spent a long time thinking about. It’s a bit of a labour of love and will always be an ongoing project.

The Mac bedroom in St Marks apartments

For people moving into a new home or looking to redecorate, where is the best place to start when coming up with an interior concept?
Don’t try and follow trends too much, trust your instinct. Work slowly, don’t make rash decisions and always use quality materials.

What projects do you have in the pipeline for 2016?
2015 has been a great year but I’m really excited about 2016. I have a few beautiful residential interiors that I’ll be working on as well as a few personal projects that I’m also excited about.


Photo credit: St Marks imagery courtesy of Patterson Associates