Bedroom sanctuary: Keryn Sweeney

Keryn Sweeney
In our ongoing series, stylish women reveal how they blend design, comfort and luxurious fabrics to create the ultimate private sanctuary…


What is your day job?
I’m a photographer.

Describe your personal style.
I’m all about simple, good-quality basics. Because of my job I need clothes that aren’t fussy, look great and are comfortable and practical. I like neutral, light colours and I live in flat shoes and boots.

How does this translate to your bedroom?
My bedroom has a relaxed, summery feel. It always has a natural element like fresh flowers and my photographic prints of flowers and water help keep me grounded.

Where do you get your design inspiration?
I’m pretty addicted to Instagram, I follow One Lovely Day and Places & Graces. I love seeing how other people have transformed their spaces with small and simple updates.

What do you love about your bedroom?
It gets lots of afternoon sun and, like most villas, there are some beautiful 1940s details. The black painted wooden floors are modern and contrast nicely with more traditional touches, like the beautiful coloured glass in the window of the door to the ensuite bathroom.

Where do you shop for linen, soft furnishings and fragrance etc?
Wallace Cotton for crisp white linen that will last forever and Citta Design for little details that change the look of a room each season. Shut The Front Door in Takapuna has great affordable furnishings, like lamps and cushions, to provide pops of colour.

Describe your bedroom style in three words.
Comfortable, fresh, relaxing.

What is always on your bedside table? 
My notebook – I love writing to-do lists!

Bedroom interior design: Keryn Sweeney

Bedroom interior design: Keryn Sweeney

Bedroom interior design: Keryn Sweeney

Bedroom interior design: Keryn Sweeney

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