Go East


These stylish pieces will add an Asian flavor to your space

1. Forest Noir 1, $207, Hard To Find.
2. Foliage magnolia bud branch, $23, Freedom Furniture.
3. Reside wooden folding screen, $85, The Warehouse.
4. Terrain black pendant light shade, $80, Citta Design.
5. La Chamba jug, $89, French Country Collections.
6. Sugar pot, $5, The Warehouse.
7. Grey moss stitch throw, $199, Green With Envy.
8. Gava copper-plated tray, $95, Corso De’ Fiori.
9. Loft low shelving unit, $1099, Citta Design.
10.Melibar grey and black silk cushion, $89, French Country Collections.
11.Glam white cushion, $35, The Importer.
12.Antique orange stool, $165, Corso De’ Fiori.