Bedroom sanctuary: Rickie Dee


In our ongoing series, stylish women reveal how they blend design, comfort and luxurious fabrics to create the ultimate private sanctuary…

Co-owner, Superette

What is your day job?
I co-own the Superette chain of fashion and lifestyle stores.

Describe your personal style.
I like things a little relaxed and not too ‘overdone’. Generally my wardrobe consists of something denim, leather or grey marle.

How does this translate to your bedroom?
I’m in love with linen bedding so this definitely gives our bedroom a relaxed feel. Likewise with the colours – most of our room is white or neutral, nothing too bold.

Where do you get your design inspiration?
From the team I work with, blogs, magazines and travel.

What do you love about your bedroom?
I love that it’s light and white – this helps to create a very calming space.

Where do you shop for linen, soft furnishings and fragrance etc?
I get most of my home interiors from Superette, of course, but I also love pieces from Indie Home Collective and Simon James Design. Most of my fragrances are from Jo Malone London and Swedish brand Byredo – I love them all.

Describe your bedroom style in three words.
White, natural, light.

What is always on your bedside table?
I always try to have fresh flowers or a plant of some sort and I love Scent of Home and Cocolux candles too.

Rickie Dee bedroom focus

Rickie Dee bedroom focus

Rickie Dee bedroom focus

Rickie Dee bedroom focus

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