Jasmine Tookes lives in an incredible haunted mansion or nah?

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Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, it would stand to reason Jasmine Tookes lives in heaven.

Except where is the furniture? Where are her clothes?

In a video posted on the imgmodels Instagram, Jasmine shows us around her amazing mansion – but is it really hers?

The New Jersey location, known as Blairsden, is 75km from New York. The Château-esque 62,000 square foot, 38-room mansion is worth a cool USD $4,900,000 and was built between 1897 and 1903 by financier, banking heir and sportsman  C. Ledyard Blair. For a long time, it served as a religious retreat for Sisters of St. John the Baptist and in 2014 it was where “Mansion in May” Designer Showhouse and Gardens were held – so it already has a place in fashion history.

However, despite Jasmine’s comfortable ease in the house, being owned by a Victoria’s Secret Angel is not part of its rich history. It is in fact owned by T. Eric Galloway, a New York developer and president of the Galvan Foundation and the Lantern Organization.

We don’t blame her at all for playing house. We know we certainly would!