The hottest colour trends this season

Fashion Quarterly has teamed up with Resene to share the latest colour trends of the season.

With this information to hand, you’re guaranteed to be on point for your summer soirée, your Christmas party outfit or when it comes to painting and decorating your home.
Each member of Team FQ selected the colour that resonated with them most to create a summer wishlist:

Features editor Lucy Slight will be bringing in the blue hues this summer, with a core focus on rich, deep and glossy blues, combined with soft greyed and sea-washed shades. Inspired by days spent on a yacht cruising along a coastline of untouched beaches, these tones are the perfect combination of relaxation and harmony.

Colour inspiration: Think of the dusty, stormy, sea-washed blues such as Resene Dusted Blue, Resene Half Duck Egg Blue and Resene Half Periglacial Blue.

Resene Colour Trends

The Majorelle Roundie Towel by The Beach People, available at Mildred&Co, $140.00; Karen Walker Shoal Gathered Dress, $345.00; RUBY Seabright Tie Short, $189.00; Oceans Deep Timber Framed Print, $329, available at SuperetteBeau Coops Beau5 boots, $420.00; Resene paint in Dusted Blue from resene.co.nz.


Editor Sally-Ann Mullin is going green this season – from earthy tones through to the natural plant-esque brights. When it comes to green, any shade goes.

Colour inspiration: Try adding this refreshing colour hue to your home with Resene Seaweed, Resene Paddock or Resene Coriander. Or for something a little more calming, try Resene Kandinsky (a fresh apple mint green) or Resene Carefree (an opalescent watery green).

Resene Colour Trends

Sky Planter from Simon James Concept Store, Medium $99.00; Merchant Archive Felt Pouch, $314.00, available at Simon James Concept Store; Page 33 Bath Brew Green Tea, $26.00, available at Father Rabbit; De La Warr Pavilion chair by Established & Sons, POA available at Simon James Concept Store; House of Holland Crowning Glory Sunglasses, $249, available at Black Box Boutique; Resene paint in Seaweed from resene.co.nz


Tyla McKenzie, Fashion Quarterly’s fashion and editorial assistant, takes on classic grey. A strong base for any outfit, the fashion crowd are taking this grey obsession one step further by accessorising both their outfits and their homes. When it comes to home décor, granite grey colour tones combine well with soft or dark leafy greens or can be complemented with dusty-grey blues.

Colour inspiration: Try an elegant stone-grey like Resene Transmission combined with the soft warm-edge grey Resene Triple Black White and the traditional clean timber green of Resene Permanent Green.

Resene Colour Trends

Bassike French Seam longsleeve tee with Tail, $169.00, available at Superette; Lack of Colour The Mack fedora, $99.00, available at SuperetteDeadly Ponies Mr Siamese bag, $345.00; General Eclectic Wire storage baskets, $60.00, available at Mildred&Co; Citta Design Marine Stripe beach towel, $60.00, available at Mildred&Co; Resene paint in Transmission from resene.co.nz


It’s not grey and it’s not beige, greige is one colour trend FQ’s creative director Marcel Gull has his eye on. Greige is perfect for those who enjoy styling themselves and their home in grey, however want to add a touch of warmth and create a sense of coziness.

Colour inspiration: To try this trend in your home, look to Resene Triple Rakaia with its salmon tint in a stony grey beige tone, or Resene Cloudy, a dusty beige grey that partners well with the deep brown Resene Space Shuttle.

Resene Colour Trends

Angola Kent Overnight Bag by Citta Design, $64.00, available at Mildred&Co; Square X Cushion, $99.00, available at SuperetteFather Rabbit Fog Linen Blanket, $219.00: Mosoct Zolman Flesh Optical, $409.00, available at Black Box BoutiqueMatisse Basket Sofa, POA; Resene paint in Cloudy from resene.co.nz


Digital editor Kelly McAuliffe will be bringing bright colours into her wardrobe and her home this season. Bold pops of colour are being used in exciting ways to create drama inside and outside the home. For a more subtle take on the trend, enhance muted palettes with shocks of neon or bright hues. If bold colour scares you, using it behind bookshelves or inside cupboards so that you see only a glimpse of colour is another clever way to bring in this trend. Or try a statement piece of furniture that might sit in an entranceway.

Colour inspiration: For paint ideas, think vibrant yellows and oranges such as Resene Turbo, Resene Bright Lights, Resene Adrenalin and Resene Clockwork Orange, for lime greens and citrus greens consider Resene Kakapo and Resene Limerick, and give a touch of hot pink with Resene Smitten and Resene Scrumptious.

Resene Colour Trends
House Doctor Neon Orange Towel, $75.00, available at Mildred&Co; Utensils Dip-It Bamboo, $7.99 each, available at Shut The Front DoorHavaianas Slim SW Crystal flip flops, $50; Karen Walker Captain’s Daughter Dress, $380.00; Kikki K Travel Notes, $44.90; Resene paint in Adrenalin from resene.co.nz


Features writer Phoebe Watt will be sporting soft pastels over summer. Whether they’re dusty, smoky or frosted, soft pastels are a huge trend, adding a soft touch to any look and creating calm and confidence in the home and on the wearer.

Colour inspiration: FQ recommends going for Resene Soulmate, Resene Mesmerise or Resene Abercrombie for the prettiest pastel hues. If the pastel on pastel look is too much for you, tone down the sweetness with olive brown accents – think Resene Double Trojan or add dark touches of aubergine and mushroom, such as Resene Chapta And Verse.

Resene Colour Trends
Gratitude Journal, $19, available at Superette; Palm Sky Framed Print, $449, available at Superette; Miu Miu Sunglasses, $599, available from Superette; Wrongwoods low cabinet by Established & Sons, POA, available at Simon James Concept StoreMi Piaci Beah High Heel, $260.00; Resene paint in Soulmate from resene.co.nz