The stylish siblings you’ll want to decorate your home

The bond that forms the foundation of families, firm friendships and relationships can also shine in enterprise.

Logan siblings

They may not live in the same city, but establishing their own business and collaborating from afar has brought the Logan siblings – Tia, Jonathan and Cameron – closer together. Earlier this year, they established St Clements, a furniture and design store located in the Auckland suburb of Eden Terrace, showcasing a select range of pieces that reflects a contemporary Kiwi sensibility.

The Logan siblings grew up on Auckland’s North Shore and are now scattered throughout New Zealand and Australia. Tia, the company’s head of operations and sole full-time employee is based in Kapiti; creative director Jonathon (top right) resides in Sydney, where he also runs operations for furniture company MCM House; and Cameron (left) is on the ground in Auckland as the marketing director, while also working for Curious Film.

The Logan siblings started the St Clements  furniture and design store in Eden Terrace

“The three of us are on the phone and email constantly,” says Tia, 39, who says the majority of the company’s business can be managed online. Named after a small church in Ahipara in the Far North, where their ancestors hail from, St Clements is a natural progression for the trio who, Tia says, are all creatives at heart. Since studying furniture design in Auckland, Jonathon, 37, has made a name for himself in Sydney, while Cameron, who works in the film and television industry, values his strong eye for design. “I know straight away if something is attractive to my eye, whether to include it or move on,” says the 36-year-old.

Tia says that it was Jonathon and Cameron who first “hatched the plan” for St Clements and it took a bit of convincing before she agreed to come on board. “I had been in furniture for three years and was looking at other opportunities,” admits Tia, who was running a furniture operation in Wellington and had previously worked in the music and advertising industries. “I love and respect my brothers, so I caved. The three of us have always been close and St Clements has brought us closer together at this stage in our lives.”

The Logan siblings started the St Clements  furniture and design store in Eden Terrace

“I’ve learnt a lot about my brother and sister and their strengths in the past 12 months,” says Cameron. “From its conception until now, we are still researching and developing ideas – it’s a blessing that we’re able to do this together.” It’s early days for the company but the siblings are enjoying the newfound connection that their business collaboration has inspired.

“We’ve only been open for three months and the response has been overwhelming,” says Tia. “Jonathon, Cameron and I are all strong individuals but we complement each other because we are bonded as brothers and sister, it’s a core understanding. Overall, I believe we have a newfound respect for each other.”

St Clements
68 France Street South
Eden Terrace
Ph: 09 336 1304

The Logan siblings started the St Clements  furniture and design store in Eden Terrace