How to keep your flower arrangements looking fresh

Article by Simply You

The creative duo behind cult Auckland florist The Botanist share how they keep their arrangements looking fresher, longer.

Making creative bouquets and floral instalments always at the cutting edge of botanical trends, Diana Pan and Eden Kersten are the best people to ask how to care for cut blooms this summer.

In general, you should change vase water and cut your stems daily, they say, and be sure to keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.

For specific blooms:

Roses: Cut on an angle and change water daily.

Peonies: Purchase when in bud but showing a little colour.

Anthuriums: Keep out of direct sunlight and make sure you don’t touch the heads as they bruise easily.

Hydrangeas: If hydrangeas get soft, submerge them in water for 30 minutes to perk them back up.

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Words: Jessica-Belle Greer
Photography: Meek Zuiderwyk