4 fashionable couples share their honeymoon destinations

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The Greek island of Crete was the destination of choice for Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel.

From gallivanting in Greece to skinny-dipping off Great Barrier Island, we revisit the honeymoon stage with four fashionable couples.

Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel

Karen, a photographer, and Delphine, a model, married at Las Vegas Strip Club, Auckland, on 28 May, 2009.

Where did you honeymoon?
Karen: Crete, Greece. We were on our annual trip to France and decided to finally take our honeymoon – we’ve always wanted to go to Greece. Crete looked more remote and quiet than Santorini and Mykonos.

Where did you stay?
In a white palace on a cliff top above the sea with a private beach.

What was the best thing you did there?
We drove to the opposite coast via a monastery, passing black-scarfed women tending the olive groves, sampling the best beach-grown bananas, and fighting off crazy goats trying to attack the rental car.

What did you wear?
Tigerlily swimwear, Petit Bateau T-shirts and singlets with Zambesi shorts, Levi’s cut-offs and Repetto shoes – easy stuff in nice, comfortable fabrics.

What was the most memorable meal?
A barbecue of seafood by the sea with all the Greek touches, and of course Greek salad.

What souvenirs did you come home with?
Greek honey and mountain flower tea, all of which was consumed on our return to Paris.

What’s your favourite memory?
Enjoying ouzo on the rooftop every evening, looking out to the Mediterranean and making friends with Austrian bikers.

What’s the stupidest thing you fought about?
Whether to go poolside or beachside – it’s a good break from reality when your only daily dispute is of this nature!

If you had a second honeymoon, where would you go?
Somewhere in Greece or Portugal, or coastal Italy.

Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, Spain, proved a drawcard for Emma Cruikshank and Dan Gosling.

Emma Cruickshank and Dan Gosling

Emma, a PR director and Dan, director of Stolen Girlfriends Club, married at Musket Cove, Fiji, on 6 June, 2009.

Where did you honeymoon?
Emma: Tokyo, London, Paris, Barcelona and San Francisco. I had always wanted to go to Tokyo so that was a no-brainer, Dan had never been to Paris and we were fascinated with Gaudi so we thought we would slot a couple of extra stops in between.

Where did you stay?
The Claska in Japan, The Clift in San Francisco, The Boundary in London, Hôtel Thérèse in Paris and Banys Orientals in Barcelona.

What was the highlight of your trip?
Visiting all the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, and spending a day in Harajuku, Tokyo, was fascinating.

What was the most memorable meal?
The ramen places we visited in Tokyo and the Claska breakfasts were amazing – I loved the house-made banana jam on toast.

Emma Cruickshank in Paris.

What’s your favourite memory?
A day in Paris where we walked from about 8am until late at night, visiting museums, having a long lunch and standing under the Eiffel Tower.

What’s the stupidest thing you fought about?
Directions in Tokyo – the public transport systems are confusing!

Were there any cheesy upgrades?
Dan mentioned it was our honeymoon when booking and all our rooms were amazing.

Where would you go on a second honeymoon?
Berlin or Croatia.

What advice would you give honeymooners?
Plan ahead so you don’t waste a day. I usually go with the flow but because we were visiting so many places we had a pretty good plan.

Newlyweds Victoria and Andrew Harvey.

Victoria and Andrew Harvey

Victoria, a stylist and Andrew, a photographer, married at The French Café, Auckland, on 24 February, 1991.

Where did you honeymoon?
Victoria: Medlands Beach, Great Barrier Island. It’s our most favourite place.

Where did you stay?
Our family bach.

What was the best thing you did there?
Fished and collected seafood, ate like kings, swam, read and relaxed.

What did you wear?
Not much.

What was the most memorable meal?
A red curry made with mussels we collected.

What’s your favourite memory?
Sipping champagne on the beach at sunset, and skinny-dipping under a full moon.

What advice would you give to other honeymooners?
If you can’t afford an overseas trip, have a local break. There are so many amazing options in New Zealand.

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Chris and Helen Cherry

Designers, Workshop and Helen Cherry, married at Highwic in Auckland on 15 February, 1992.

Where did you honeymoon?
Chris: Initially in Tonga at a very off-the-beaten-track resort on Vava’u, but we ended up shifting to Fiji halfway through.

What made you choose this destination?
The resort in Tonga was recommended by a photographer friend, however, it turned out that he had a very different interpretation of a ‘luxury island resort’ than us. We stuck it out for a few days before changing to Matamanoa in Fiji, where we got the tropical luxury we were looking for.

Where did you stay?
We flew from Nuku’alofa to the outer island of Vava’u and then had a very long drive along a windy, bumpy dirt road. To say the resort was basic would be an understatement; it was essentially falling apart. The owner was constantly up a ladder fixing things. Not quite a tropical Fawlty Towers but close.

What was the best thing you did there?
Vava’u had the most spectacular snorkelling and diving; the most beautiful, lush, dense coral gardens I’ve ever seen.

What did you wear?
As little as possible. Sun hats, sandals, swimsuits, sarongs.

What was the most memorable meal you had?
I recall a feast of freshly caught and grilled seafood and tropical fruit.

What was your favourite memory?
Snorkelling in the outer reefs of Vava’u amidst the most beautiful and remote tropical seascape. Quite surreal.

Where would you go on a second honeymoon?
Somewhere in Italy we haven’t been to yet – maybe Venice, the Amalfi Coast or Capri. Helen has always wanted to sail from Croatia to Italy; that would be cool.

What advice would you give to other honeymooners?
Do your research before booking the resort!

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