5 facts we bet you didn’t know about coconut water

Cocoloco coconut water

It wasn’t that long ago that the only place you could enjoy a fresh coconut was on a tropical island, but thankfully this sweet nectar of nature is now readily available here at home. Cocoloco director Francesca Bowden shares with us some interesting facts about coconuts that seem truly, well, nuts!

1. Blood is thicker than (coconut) water
Raw coconut water contains a near identical electrolyte profile to that of the human body, which is why the fragile liquid is known as the ‘Fluid of Life’ and makes for the perfect universal donor. During the Pacific battles of World War II, nurses used coconut water – delivered directly from the coconut – to give emergency blood transfusions to wounded soldiers.

2. Pitch perfect skin
Coconut water is not only for your insides; coconut water straight from the nut is known to clear up acne and blemishes.  Applying a topical application of your favourite raw coconut water has the ability to clear up bad spots and tone your skin. The nutrients found in the water eliminate large amounts of oils while enhancing the skin’s health and elasticity. In a ‘nut shell’, coconut water makes you look younger!

3. Not all coconut water is created equal
Coconut water is everywhere – not just in supermarkets and dairies, but also in bars and now our homes. But as you’ve probably noticed, not all coconut waters are created equal. Most packaged coconut water on the market has been pasteurised using heat, killing all the goodness to enable it to last longer on the shelf.  Cocoloco keeps their coconuts as fresh as Mother Nature intended by picking, shipping and delivering fresh from Thailand without any pasteurisation or packaging.

4. Fat-free not fun-free
It’s well publicised that coconut water is an excellent post-workout drink but did you know that one cup of coconut water provides more electrolytes to the human body than a Powerade, double the potassium of a banana and for those counting calories – less than 20 calories per 100mls.

5. Tree of life
Coconut water is purified by nature.  The process of the water traveling through the coconut tree naturally purifies the water contained inside making it safe to drink right from the ground.  These intelligent trees also give off over 200 coconuts a year.