Get a dancer’s body with these workouts


Has watching Dancing with the Stars inspired you to try a twirl and a whirl of your own? There’s a dance style to suit all levels of fitness, but don’t let the pretty outfits fool you – each of these classes is a full-on workout:

Hip Hop: A good cardio workout – not to mention testing your rhythm – hip hop is fast-paced and has both aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Moving your whole body in this way will get your heart racing, and you’ll work calves, thighs, and glutes too.

Zumba: Great for hip flexibility, zumba is more sedate than hip hop and similar to interval training, in that you move between low intensity and high intensity. As a result, it’s more efficient at calorie-burning than straight jogging, according to an Ace Fitness study. It’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Ballet: The repetition of small, precise movements add up to equal use of both larger muscle groups and smaller ones, creating a long, lean physique. Excellent for posture and leg strength, ballet also increases endurance and agility.

Belly dancing: Working with your curves, rather than against them, the low-impact movements of this dance increase abdominal strength and muscle tone as well as strengthening your back. The gentle sway of belly dancing is also said to be good for relaxing your mind. Plus, you can’t help having fun!

 From the editors at Good Health Choices