Study shows interval training is the key to nailing your fitness goals

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That whole ‘walk a lamp post, run a lamp post’ exercise tip looks like it may have some real merit after all, with a recent study showing interval training is scientifically proven to have transformative results.

Before you get too excited, the type of training we’re talking about here is HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training. Working your butt off with quick bursts of activity followed by short periods of recovery, exhausting your body right up to the point where you don’t think you can go any harder…

The good news? Just 30 minutes of work is all it takes to take your fitness level to the next, er, level.

A recent study by Dr Jinger Gottschall at Penn State University tracked the fitness progress of two groups of adults, aged 26-60. One group maintained a regular schedule of 60-minute exercise classes and the other switched out one 60-minute class for two 30-minute Les Mills Sprint classes.

“The results were astonishing,” says Dr Gottschall. “The group doing Les Mills Sprint showed significantly better results in many areas. HIIT training gave participants much better results in fitness, strength and body fat. Blood pressure results and cholesterol results were also surprisingly strong.”

The results of the study suggest that replacing one bout of moderate intensity exercise with two 30-minute bouts of cycling HIIT is an effective, low impact option to improve cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal fitness, as well as body composition.

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