Kirsty Godso’s top 5 training tips to get perfect pins this summer

Kirsty Godso's 5 leg training tips
If you’ve seen Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso’s strong, toned legs in class or on her Instagram, you can (rightly) assume she knows a thing or two about getting perfect pins.

So of course, when she gave us her top 5 leg training tips, we were all ears:

Make time.
Christmas and summer is a busy season smothered with work and social occasions. This does not mean you throw all of your healthy routines out the window! You might have less time to dedicate to exercise but something is always better than nothing. Rather than focusing on what time you don’t have, use the time you do have and make it count. You can smash out an effective functional training workout in as little as 10 minutes with the Nike+ Training Club App, anytime, anywhere. If you don’t have time to get to the gym, get creative and use your lounge, office, lawn, a local park – your opportunities are endless. ‘No time’ excuse eliminated!

Get legless.
Perfect pins. You won’t find them on the treadmill or the cross-trainer, you’ll find them in the weights room. Incorporating moves such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip lifts and step ups into your training routine will not only shape and tone your legs but will work your core and butt at the same time – win! Focusing on these large muscles groups will have the greatest effect on your metabolic rate and leave you with tight, toned legs to show off in your Nike Pros and your favourite denim shorts.

Think long term.
Extend your focus beyond just simply summer and try establish routines and healthy habits that will stick with you all year. You know how much better you feel when you are in good control of your training and nutrition so don’t throw away all your hard work leading up to summer on a few too many ‘YOLO’ moments. Summer is a season, health is long term.

Have fun.
Make some of your training a social occasion so it’s a welcomed event in your calendar rather than a feared one. One of my favourite things to do is workout on a Saturday morning with friends then go for breakfast. Training with friends makes you more accountable to turn up and you’ll likely enjoy the workout more if you’re getting breathless together. Summer is a great time to get outdoors and get active with your girls.

Commit to you.
Make a commitment to yourself to love how you feel in your body, not just how you look. Set goals that are specific to you and that will focus you to stay on track, especially over the summer months – a little self discipline will go a long way! Results are earned not given, and they’re always worth it.

Kirsty’s favorite pieces to train in and get the best results.


727747-564-NIKE-ELASTIKA-HTR-TANK_1630RRP$50Nike Elastika Tank, RRP $50
This is my all-time favourite training tank – It’s nice and light, giving you good freedom of movement and is great when things are starting to heat up. The cut is really flattering where it doesn’t come in too close under your armpits and the thin strap down the back nicely shows the detail of your back muscles whilst also showing off your sports bra.


Nike Pro 3 Static Short, RRP $50
The Nike Pro short is me in a nut-shell! I love to train in these shorts as the fit is perfect on the legs and waist so you’re never worrying about your shorts opening up to the side during certain moves. Being confident in the product you’re wearing means you can focus more on your training and less on adjusting your clothes. These shorts always come in the best prints and with fun pops of colour – they’re a must-have.


Nike Pro Classic Pad Static Bra, RRP $65
This bra is so comfortable you’ll never want to take it off. The fit has been absolutely perfected so all you need to worry about is what colour to pick… This is my go-to bra that will cover me for any workout and the subtle padding in it is great for all weather conditions (and if you need a little extra help in that department, like myself!)


Nike Zoom Fit Agility 2, RRP $180
Wearing the correct footwear for the style of training you’re doing is my number one rule. The Nike Zoom Fit Agility 2 is your ultimate training shoe that is lightweight, has Zoom Pad technology on the sole to help you not only jump higher but land with more cushioning and move more dynamically. Plus it comes in a range of fun colours!