Personal trainer in your pocket – local girl goes global on Nike app

Kirsty Godso's Zoomfast workout is available on the Nike+ Training Club app

Kirsty Godso’s Zoomfast workout is available on the Nike+ Training Club app

Ever shed a tear over a workout? Us too, no judgment. Only, usually it’s out of frustration rather than pure joy.

But at an event to mark the launch of her workout Zoomfast being added to the global Nike Training Club app (like a personal trainer in your pocket) Kirsty Godso gets a little choked up.

The local girl made global Nike Master Trainer says it’s been a long term goal to work for Nike, and now that she’s achieved that, being recognised among the brand’s leading trainers, with people all over the world doing her workout is an achievement unlocked. The free app has been downloaded by over 20 million people worldwide. That’s a lot of people potentially selecting Godso’s short, high intensity routine. “I’m so excited for this to come out – it’s seriously a dream come true for me.

“I love this job. Other girls wanted to be doctors or lawyers – I used to tell my teachers at school I wanted to work for Nike. They told me to ‘keep on dreaming big,’” she says, laughing. “Now I love seeing them in the supermarket!

Godso says she took inspiration from a particular shoe, the flexible Flyknit Zoom Agility, which provides support for the cross training and side-to-side movement in her workout. “I get excited for sportswear and shoes. You should see my wardrobe – the Alexander Wang is on the floor and all my Nike stuff is hung up nicely!”

Despite the emotional beginning, don’t go thinking Godso is a softie. She’s a tough task master, taking a team of media through her workout bright and early up the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower.

Kirsty Godso talks media through her new Zoomfast workout up the top of Auckland's Sky Tower

Kirsty Godso talks media through her new Zoomfast workout at Auckland’s Sky Tower

Any hope of enjoying the view is quickly put paid to. Box jumps, burpees, side-to-side press ups, lunges with one foot on the box, core strength Pilates-like moves are all part of Godso’s app workout. The good part is it’s quick – just 30 minutes – but high intensity, using just your body weight as resistance, a step and lots of fast repetitions to get your heart rate up.

If you’re not one to spend a lot of time tinkering with pulleys and weights on machines at the gym, or you get tangled up in complicated group fitness classes, this app and workout is for you. Everything is technically simple and you can literally do it in your living room with your phone or an iPad leading you through.

After an exhilarating 30 minutes, the group is glowing and upbeat, and Godso is on a high too. She’s just arrived home from an NTC world tour and has plenty on her plate right now – including another workout on the way. Look out for this one; she’s going global, so potentially there will be a few more happy tears in the future!


“Music is an important part of my workouts. It drives me and my girls and keeps us moving.”

Change up your environment:
“Whenever I travel, I try out different gyms around the city. It’s a really good way to explore different exercises and figure out what you like and don’t like. It’s a great way to get new inspiration.”

Get speedy:
“My workouts are focused on speed and agility. We do the most neuro-muscularly challenging move first, then we do a secondary move for a longer duration to take us to full fatigue in the muscle. It also helps develop control.”

Take a break:
“If I really don’t want to workout, I take a day off, or maybe I do yoga or play basketball with my friends. Then, when I go into my next workout, I feel like it’s good to be back.”