These are the unhealthy habits you need to avoid this winter

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These are the best ways to stay fit and well this winter.

If this week’s cold snap has left you with a creeping case of the winter blues, as well sending you straight to carbs for comfort, we’re here to help.

These simple strategies will not only give you back your bounce, but are guaranteed to keep you well and healthy long into the coming months.

Drink more water

Ricardo Riskella – Aussie fitness expert to the stars – revealed to Buro247 the most important thing you can do is to stay as hydrated as possible. Drinking ice cold water is probably isn’t what you want to do right now – so don’t. Instead the health guru says think about other ways to you can keep up your fluid intake. Warm water, or teas – especially those filled with antioxidants – are great ways to get in the recommended amount, and most herbal teas come with health benefits too.

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Go outside and get moving

It’s tough to take yourself outside for that power walk or that evening jog, but once you haul yourself off the couch and get moving, you get the rewards. Riskella recommends making it easy on yourself by doing a quick warm-up before you step out of the house. Star jumps or push ups help to get the blood flowing and heat up the body. For an extra energy burst, he says drink a cup of hot tea.

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Don’t ditch the diet

Okay, we can drink more water. And if it comes down to it, we can get moving. But it could be a little harder to steer clear of hearty carb-loaded “comfort” food. However making the effort to stay on track is worth it, and while salads might be the last thing you’d want on a cold rainy night, Riskella says you can get creative here by switching it up and making a nourishing winter soup instead. “This way you’re still getting your usual vegetable intake but adapting to the cooler climate change.”

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