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Celebrity My Idol’s take over social media


You’ve probably been noticing wide-eyed avatars on poles and catwalks popping up on your social media feeds all week; weird animated doppelgängers of your friends and family that are so uncanny they’re really quite creepy. This Instagram takeover is thanks to My Idol, a Chinese app that allows you to project your inner crazy onto a computer-generated likeness of yourself and partake in a variety of real-life activities in the virtual world.

If you haven’t tried the app already, there’s really no excuse – it’s free! And if you’ve got a spare 15 minutes to get a little bit creative, it’s guaranteed fun. Still not convinced? Take a look at these celebrity animations and get inspired. You might not have the upper body strength to hang upside down on a pole, but we know a little someone who does…

One thing to note: The app is written entirely in Chinese, meaning for those not fluent in Mandarin, there’s a lot of guessing involved. To find it in the app store, just search My Idol under Free Apps or click here.

We’ve put together our celebrity picks:

•Lindsay Lohan
•James Franco
•Lena Dunham
•Bella Hadid
•John Mayer
•Jena Malone
•Miley Cyrus