A day in the life of fashion director Sally-Ann Mullin with the new Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Fashion director Sally-Ann Mullin moved into a new role this year – and with it, has come a new routine.

Here’s how a typical day looks for the stylist, and how her Samsung Galaxy Note10+ phone helps her along the way.

My alarm sounds at 6.15am but I’ll generally snooze till around 6.30am. This gives me a time to snuggle with my scruffy puppy Michelangelo.  I have the Bixby function set (which is essentially a voice-activated personal assistant which you can customise to fit your preferences) so as soon my alarm sounds, I have it set to open my schedule for the day and the local weather forecast on the screen, becoming the first thing I look at.

Coffee, showers, breakfast, and helping Paddy (my 6-year-old) get ready for his day. I’ll Chromecast Spotify to our home speakers from my phone for our morning soundtrack. Then as long as we’re keeping to time we’re off to the dog park for an express walk with Mikey. Like any self-respecting dog owner I never miss an opportunity to shoot footage of my pup frolicking, and today is no exception. I use the Note10+’s super steady video stabilisation function to chase Mikey and Paddy as they run through the long grass. I’m able to easily shoot and edit video footage on the run playing with the colours, adding background music and text.

We jump in the car to drop Michelangelo back to the house, Paddy to school before I head to a shoot location. I have the Dual App function set to Google Maps/Spotify split screen so I can listen to music or a podcast and navigate at the same time without flipping between the two.

I get to the shoot location and find 1.5hrs of downtime as the talent is put through hair and make-up, the perfect opportunity to catch up on some work. The 6.8 inch screen and cinematic infinity display screen on my Note10+ means I can read and send emails easily; the majority of mine are shoot related and I’ll often download large imagery files sent from recent shoots via the Dropbox App – the Note10+ has 256GB of storage (expandable to nearly a terabyte if needed) so I have no concern about hitting storage limits while working with such large files regularly. When I’m happy with my selects I’ll mark up the images drawing on the screen with the S Pen showing my retouching and post production notes for our art directors.

Once we start shooting for the day, it’s important for me to capture behind-the-scenes content; this will be used at a later date when the imagery is published in whichever magazine we are shooting for that day.  As a rule I try and capture as many ‘moments’ as I can and luckily with four rear facing cameras to capture all angles it’s nearly impossible to take a bad shot. If I want to shoot from the front in selfie mode hands-free I can use voice command with “Hey, Bixby” to open the camera, the S Pen Air Actions to swipe through camera functions until I’m where I want to be and the pen’s button to take the shot.

When we’ve completed the shot list and the shoot is wrapped, I pack down and load the rack and all the clothing into my car. My Bixby Routine is set to play my Spotify as soon as my car syncs to Bluetooth – the best wind down.

I’ll often pop into a showroom either to view a new range of clothing or do a few returns, snapping anything I see that may look good in a future fashion shoot then keeping these images in a folder on my phone marked “to shoot”. That way I can recall the items easily down the track. I’ll next go back to the office to unload clothing samples and equipment plus catch up with other magazine teams about the rest of the teams’ coming shoots, commercial pitches and events.

Finally it’s back to the car, off to collect Paddy from after-school care and head home for the evening, completing another productive busy day. I’m aware I’m on my phone almost all day so when it comes to switching off I take advantage of the Digital Wellbeing setting. This function will turn my phone to grey-scale and mute notifications from 10.30pm – 6am each day which does help me switch off, be present and unconnected and sleep uninterrupted.

Some of the best features on the new Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Intelligent battery – Introducing a powerful battery so you can spend more time living or working and less time charging. Enough power to ensure you can go the distance on a single charge

More space for storage – With the power of up to 256GB built-in storage — expandable up to 512GB more — you’ll have almost a terabyte of space for what matters

A vast canvas for your immersive viewing experience – The 6.8 inch, Cinematic Infinity Display, gives you an expansive edge-to-edge surface as boundless as your imagination

Four rear cameras that capture all angles – Now it’s nearly impossible to take a bad shot. The Galaxy Note10+ intelligently recognises what you’re looking at with wide angle, telephoto and ultra-wide lens

S-Pen Air Actions – You can now gesture into action. The new S Pen gives you intuitive control, allowing you to take control of your camera, presentations, and apps at the touch of a button

Bixby Routines – a feature bolstered by machine learning to adapt to your life, suggesting ways to make your phone time more streamlined. Automated actions are triggered by context: location, time, or event.

Words and photos: Sally-Ann Mullin, taken on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+