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This slow-mo eyebrow microblading video is horrific and fascinating

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If you’re anything like us, you’re on a permanent quest to find the perfect arch. Chances are you’ve probably tried it all – from threading and tinting to super expensive hair growth serums and creams. We’re guessing there’s probably a few of you in the know about microblading too, the cosmetic procedure used to create semi-permanent eyebrows that look totally real.

For the uninitiated, the process is similar to tattooing. A microblading expert uses a small handtool with micro-needles to “deposit” ink into the skin. As the video above shows, this is done by making a series of tiny cuts into the hairline, after which the colour is “feathered” through.

There’s some pain but your brow specialist should be able to apply lavish amounts of numbing cream so you’re not likely to feel too much.

And the result? Fuller, fluffier, Instaworthy brows, of course!

Check out the video, above, that Refinery29 filmed for an up close look at the fascinating process.

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Photo: Instagram / LashNoir