What you need to know about Gigi Hadid’s makeup line

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Move over Kardashian-Jenners, this Hadid sister is stepping into the market.

Though Gigi Hadid isn’t exactly launching a multi-million dollar cosmetic company a la Kylie Cosmetics or KKW, she is launching her own collection for global beauty giant Maybelline New York.

Further reinforcing the impact social media is making on the way products are positioned, sold, and consumed, Hadid’s collection will essentially sell her look, as opposed to selling the Maybelline look. Ummm, products that will make us look like Gigi? Yes, please!

Hadid, who has already launched three successful ready-to-wear collections in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, is – we can only assume – shifting into the more affordable and fast-moving field of cosmetics by teaming up with the L’Oréal-owned mass-market makeup brand.

While the details are still thin on the ground, Hadid hasn’t held back in posting images of herself on her Instagram wearing her boss lady locks and seventies chic get-up in front of a number of products.

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Meanwhile, Maybelline has posted a big ‘Get Ready‘ on its own Instagram, announcing the collection will be called ‘Gigi Hadid x Maybelline New York’ accompanied with a hand-written GH logo – news which has set beauty junkies alight with excitement.

It’s safe to say that with her So-Cal vibes and golden-girl roots, it’s a given that Gigi will introduce products of a similar vein rather to the ultra-glam intensity achieved by other celebrity lines. You know, more of a something-for-everyone kind of line.

Although Hadid has dabbled in some daring looks in the past (hello, winged liner at LFW), this social media starlet tends to remain within the realms of her VS/girl-next-door origins by playing up her natural features: luscious lashes, pink pout, and flawless complexion.

Complete with tawny nude-coloured statements that have landed her as fashion’s favourite beauty icon, Gigi’s Instagram shows a mixture of nudes, brights, and plenty of neutral eyeshadows. And with a face like that, we can only bet there will be skin-enhancing highlighters also thrown in the mix.

The line is set to launch globally on October 22, 2017.

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