Glossier is releasing a perfume that ‘smells like you’

Glossier is releasing a perfume

Let’s face it, we’re a generation obsessed with Glossier.

Even those of us who barely ever update the contents of our makeup bag and have been using the same foundation since high school can’t help but be curious about the minimalist beauty brand.

Naturally, not everyone is 100% sold, but one thing’s certainly clear: Glossier are nailing ‘no makeup’ makeup.

And after much anticipation, the cruelty-free American beauty brand finally extended beyond the US and Canada, arriving in the UK last Monday (global domination well underway!) Beauty enthusiasts up and down the British Isles were all over the Glossier website with their pre-written shopping lists, keenly awaiting their delivery to try out the products once and for all.

Whether it’s the dreamy Haloscope highlighters or the Milky Jelly Cleanser that we need in our lives, we are ready to spend our hard-earned pennies on this cult-status beauty brand. They’ve got it bang on with the minimalist approach, the packaging, and, of course, the focus on individualism that gets us time and time again.

Now the beauty brand has just announced its debut fragrance, Glossier You. Glossier CEO, Emily Weiss actually hinted at the release of a perfume all the way back in August, at a Top Shelf Live event, but it’s going to be launched very soon.

But what does Glossier You smell like? Weiss recently told Vogue that the scent is subtle, powdery and musky, with the ‘zing’ of fresh-cut iris.

She added that it ‘stays true to the brand’s ethos of individualism’, as it’s meant to smell like you. So far, the reviews have been very positive:

We don’t know the perfume’s price or its exact release date just yet, but we do know that it’s going to be soon.

If you just can’t wait to smell it for yourself, there’s always the option of choosing the fragrance as your free sample when you make an order on Glossier’s website.

Glossier aren’t stopping at perfume – they’ve also teased that they could be bringing out a candle.

To conclude, Glossier is about to take over the world.

This article originally appeared on TheDebrief.