Jeffree Star just threw insanely major shade at the founder of Too Faced Cosmetics

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We’re crying (unicorn) tears

Beauty celeb Jeffree Star has taken to social media to call out Jerrod Blandino after a recent diss from the Too Faced founder on Instagram.

The spat began when Blandino posted a (now deleted) picture to his Instagram referring Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears lips as “the original that started a craze and still holds the #1 spot as the best-selling lipstick in all of Ulta.”

Turning up the heat a little more, Blandino added the hashtag #ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon.

On set today at the Glam Factory! Can you guess who I'm filming with? #toofaced #bts #itshappening #saintlaurent

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Clearly PO’d by the post, Star took to social media to express his annoyance. After directing 20 tweets towards Blandino and his brand, Star then took to Snapchat to deliver what has to be one of the most seriously epic rants in social media history. Check out it out below, or watch in the video above… if you dare.

His monologue begins: “Ok I just want to come on here for a second as someone that has been buying makeup for a really long time and someone that is a fan of the brand Too Faced.

Then continues: “Now I know some people are not going to like this opinion because it’s me and I guess whenever it involves me, I’m not allowed to have an opinion but hold on a second. So recently the brand Tarte Cosmetics put out an entire unicorn collection with unicorn brushes, lipstick, mascara, palette, everything.

“So I’m scrolling through Instagram right now and the owner of Too Faced just threw major shade at Tarte Cosmetics. He posts a picture of his own unicorn tears lipstick with the hashtag, #ThereArentAnyUnicornsinTheAmazon …Oh.”

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“It’s a pretty common fact that Tarte has a huge Amazon collection, palettes, blushes, lipsticks, everything Amazon.

“So let’s go back to the shade. Then he has to of course announce that it [Too Faced Unicorn Tears] has the number one spot as the best-selling lipstick in all of Ulta. Ahh congrats. I’ll tell you what the problem here is. Who’s that insecure that they have to post something that shady about another brand?

“And one other small problem, this is Chloe Morello who is a huge YouTuber. This is her photo, you didn’t tag her here, you didn’t tag her there. And of course ten minutes later after hundreds of hate comments, the picture is now off of his page. Girl, already?

“If you had the f*cking balls to tweet that in your mansion, you should have the balls to keep it up on your mother f*cking Instagram. But I’m over here scratching my head like, as a makeup lover and as a makeup fan you’re shading another brand, so petty and gross, like it wasn’t even creative, b*tch it sucked.

“But I guess he sold his brand to Estée Lauder which is great congratulations, but you have so much money now it’s clouding your f*cking judgement fool, wake the f*ck up. Who is that delusional and dumb to think that they invented unicorn makeup? You want me to spill the real f*cking tea right now, you want me to keep it really real?

“I literally despise the owner of Lime Crime, but you guys want some fucking facts? Who created unicorn lipstick seven years ago bitch? All tea, all shade, Lime Crime has had unicorn lipsticks for a long time. So Jerrod lets come back to Earth baby, lets come back.

“I’m just saying y’all I’m so disappointed as a fan of makeup and I’m just done supporting people who are gonna treat people like that. I don’t care who did unicorn what, when, where. I have a unicorn blood lipstick, should I start suing? Girl spare me, its makeup.

“So tweet me your guys’ thoughts. I just wanted to go on a little rant and just vent because sometimes a bitch needs to let out her feelings and I’m tired of the shadiness. At the end of the day makeup is about creativity and inspiring others and having fun with art and creating. Let’s go back to that.

“Sometimes I just want to spill the tea and let you guys know the truth about so many things I see in the beauty world, but I can’t. If I could tell you the contract that Nikkie Tutorials signed for her Too Faced palette and what they did to her, you guys would f*cking scream.

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“But if she wants to talk about that one day, I will let her. They probably had her sign so many contracts and agreements that she’s not ever allowed to even speak of it. The difference between me and them, I’m not owned by a company, I’m not owned by a corporation. I own myself and I’m always going to keep it real with you guys and share my thoughts.

“The truth always comes out. It might take a few months, it might take a while, you never know. But b*tch when it hits, it’s going to hit hard.”

At this stage there’s been no response from Blandino, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as soon as we get more.

In the meantime, we’re just gonna process Jeffree’s rant for a sec…

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