Yes way, this deodorant will make you smell like rosé


Why stop at frosé when you can smell like rosé?

Just when you thought we’d reached peak rosé with our favourite frosé recipe… indie beauty brand, Native who are known for their au naturel, aluminum-free deodorants have launched a product that smells like your favourite alcoholic beverage: ro-freakin-sé

The unique product is part of a collection called Brunch Scents, but no, your pits won’t smell like eggs bene; the flavours on offer are Mimosa, Sangria, and of course, Rosé. Um, cheers to that!


To get their summery scents, each one is infused with essential oils and, like the other deodorants in their staple, the boozy-smelling sticks are formulated with all-natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and beeswax.

All-natural, you say? Could this be the definition of guilt-free brunch drinking? We’ll order all three!

Unfortunately Native don’t ship to New Zealand, but you could always use a postal forwarding service like YouShop to get them here. We know we will be.

Photos: Getty Images, Supplied