Face shaving is totally a thing

If you’re not shaving your face – you’re doing your makeup wrong.

So you probably just screamed out “WHAT THE F?! No!!”

Don’t worry, so did we – but apparently it’s a trend we need to get on board with if we want that flawless base.

Beauty bloggers everywhere are fans of the face shave, and Australian YouTube star Chloe Morello has just revealed she does it too.

“Shaving your face is not scary guys. It does not come back thicker, it does not come back black…All that happens is that your face is as smooth as a damn dolphin.”

Morello claims it gets rid of pesky peach fuzz, meaning her foundation goes on smoother and gives a better finish. The weird makeup trend also exfoliates skin and helps combat scarring and aging.

It might just be cray enough to actually work?

Words: Sinead Corcoran