People are getting semen facials to cure their acne, yes really

People are now getting semen facials to help with acne

The bodily fluid has a whole bunch of other uses apparently.

Some people use dermalogically tested skincare products to treat acne, and others use semen. Yep, according to this forum on, semen is good for more than just getting pregnant – it’s claimed to help fight acne and reduce wrinkles.

The theory behind this is that the fluid contains a combination of enzymes, amino acids, zinc, lipids and sperm – some of which are found in skincare products and in your skin. Another theory floating around is that semen makes babies, and babies have great skin, so you can see the connection.

Now, let us put one thing straight: the myth, shall we say, that semen is some sort of magical liquid that cures any skin concerns you may have, including zits, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, is simply bonkers. Aside from the fact that it may actually contribute to even more breakouts, the idea that semen is actually good for your face is a lie, and probably one made up by a horny guy who wanted to, ya know, give you a special facial. Don’t fall for it, girls.

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On top of the fact that we can’t imagine anyone would particularly enjoy having some dude’s bodily fluids spread all over their face for beauty purposes, there’s also the concern of catching an STI from it, too. Just think about it: if a drop of STI-infected semen happens to get into your eye, you could be dealing with a serious case of eye herpes. Ew.

Just don’t do it, people. Go to a beauty salon and have a proper facial, or check out these face masks as recommended by our big sister FQ. Just not this.

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Words: Arianna Chatzidakis
This article was first published on The Debrief