Tell us your skin concerns and we’ll let you know which skin or body treatment is right for you

Curious about treatments such as Botox®, dermal needling, fat freezing and fillers but don’t know where to start?

When it comes to appearance medicine treatments for the skin and body, there is no shortage of options. But if you’re new to it, it can be quite a minefield to navigate and it can also bring about so many questions: Is Botox® the answer to my wrinkle woes or are there other anti-aging options? What even is LED light therapy and what does each coloured light do? Is there anything I can do about the sagging skin around the chin and neck area? (Good news, there is!)

Once you are armed with a bit of basic knowledge about which treatments you’re interested in finding out about, you’ll want to chat to an expert and Lovely by skin institute is the right place to go. Run by the same team behind the prestigious Skin Institute (the highly reputable multi-disciplinary specialist centre run by doctors), all of the treatments at Lovely are performed by registered nurses and highly trained therapists, and signed off by Skin Institute’s highly experienced doctors. Yes, even laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and peels, cosmetic injectables and fat-reduction treatments. 

What makes Lovely… well, even lovelier, is they make treatments affordable and accessible, but don’t cut corners in any way: they operate to the same impeccably high standard as their parent company and use only the latest and greatest in technology. We recently tried it out ourselves, heading into Lovely by skin institute to try out their Ulfit ‘lunchtime facelift’ procedure, which promised to tighten, lift and contour the face. Let’s just say, it ticked all the boxes, including the ones for effectiveness, affordability and convenience.  If after taking the quiz, you still have a lot of questions, don’t forget you can always book in for a FREE Observ® 520 skin analysis at Lovely by skin institute by visiting – they’ll be able to see what’s happening beneath the surface of your skin and start treating it now.

So which treatment is best for you?


Please note, this quiz is for the purpose of entertainment only. These treatments are only suggestions based on your quiz answers and are not intended to replace a face-to-face consultation with a trained professional.

To find out what treatments might be best for you, book in a FREE Observ® 520 skin analysis at Lovely by skin institute by visiting – find out what’s happening beneath the surface of your skin and start treating it now. Valued at $49. Lovely by skin institute currently has 4 stores Auckland wide – Westfield Albany, Westfield Newmarket, Westfield Manukau and Lynn Mall, with Commercial Bay to open March 2020.

Botox® is a prescription medicine  for the treatment of frown lines , horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet round the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox is right for you.  If you have side effects see your doctor.  You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your healthcare professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at . Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary.  Should only be administered by trained medical professionals. ( contains botulinum toxin A 50,100 & 200 units) Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.