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Bella Hadid’s secret for optimum beauty sleep is totes legit

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Sleeping beauty

As much as we joke about how hard… not… it must be to live as a celebrity, there’s no doubt that working long hours and flying internationally are both incredibly tiring tasks. Even when jet-setting includes being put up in first class or being lucky enough to enjoy a private jet.

It might seem like a glamorous and easy life, and we’re sure it has its fair share of those moments, but even supermodels like Bella Hadid aren’t immune to feeling a little run down from time-to-time.

We’re total advocates for having at least 8 hours of beauty sleep each night – it’s good for your mental health, and it’s great for your skin. But it’s true that nodding off straight away can often be easier said than done!

So when 20-year-old Bella spoke to Teen Vogue about her top tips for getting some shut eye, we took all of the notes.

in need of a nap 😇

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“I recently started listening to meditation music which makes me have a deeper sleep, even if I just have four hours,” the model-of-the-moment revealed.

Her favorite is the 50 Best Meditation Songs Collection, which you can purchase via iTunes. “I’m usually out by the fourth song,” she said.

As well as that, she swears by face masks. “In the morning, I always like to do a sheet mask because it revives me to have something cool on my skin,” she said. “I like the Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask before I go to sleep. When I wake up, my face is so refreshed and moisturized.”

Now that’s a nighttime routine we can get amongst!

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