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Call your hairdresser! Gigi Hadid has debuted 2017’s hottest hair colour

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And we are obsessed!

Rose golden, blorange, sunset… whatever you want to call it, Gigi Hadid’s latest hair look (albeit a temporary one) is damn pretty. To find out what’s required to get this sought-after look, we had a chat to Redken’s Jen Morgan, owner of Morgan and Morgan Urban Retreat.

*Books hair appointment immediately*

What should we be asking our colourist for to get Gigi’s look?

The year has only just begun and there is a new buzz in the world of colour…a take on the ‘rose-gold’ trend that has been around for a while now, but one that packs way more punch!

“Blorange”: a mix of tones that resembles a blood orange, bleeding together blonde, red, orange & pink hues, creating a peachy subtle ’sunset’ effect. The mix of warm and cool tones means that just about anyone can wear it. It brightens up most skin tones and looks just as flattering on curly hair as it does on straight hair.

How do we achieve this look while keeping out hair healthy?

To achieve this look you need to have some lighter pieces to create the dimension, texture and to make to colour pop. As colourists, our work is always a delicate balance between bringing our clients’ colour dreams to life and maintaining the integrity of their hair so with all our colouring services we use Redken pH-Bonder. This amazing ‘in-colour’ treatment protects the hair, but it also actively repairs. The hair becomes silky, smooth and even more hydrated than before the you walked into the salon.


What’s the in-salon process of getting Gigi’s look with City Beats?

Not looking for a major change, you can just have the ends lightened in a balayage, ombre effect (or use the one you already have) then then get your colourist to blend some peach, some pink and some copper shades. Rather than applying one colour throughout we use a blend of alternating slices of City Beats 22g City Ballet Pink, 3g Big Apple Red, 23g City Ballet Pink, 2g Midtown Magenta, 22g City Ballet Pink and 3g Yellow Cab.

But for the full on effect (like the gorgeous transformations seen recently on Gigi Hadid and Georgia May Jagger, start with a strong balayage on the mid lengths and ends, blending into some baby lights around your face to create a frame of lightness.

Once the hair is lightened then at the root area we smudge out a deeper mix of City Beats City Ballet Pink with a drop of Big Apple Red & a drop of Midtown Magenta to add more intensity and richness. This is then blended out into the mid-lengths and ends.

This formula can then be diluted with clear for slices on the longer lengths but to get the true ‘blorange’ results add in some slices of City Ballet Pink & Midtown Magenta with slices of City Ballet Pink & Yellow Cab.

How do we keep the colour vibrant and lasting longer?

To ensure the longevity of the colour, condone is everything…as the more porous the hair, the faster the colour will fade. With this in mind Redken pH-Bonder is essential during the process and we also recommend our clients use Redken’s Extreme CAT protein reconstructing hair treatment spray, $35, at home. This fab strengthening protein hair treatment spray reconstructs, reconditions and adds immediate strength with it boosts hair’s shine and softness.

Rather than using regular shampoo we also send our client home with Redken Genius Wash cleansing conditioners, $40, to cleanse and condition in one step for ideal moisture replenishment, manageability and colour radiance, so your hair is always clean, but never over-washed.

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