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You can blame the Kardashians for the rise in millennial women undergoing cosmetic procedures

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This is scary stuff, you guys

Hey millennials, anyone got a guess for who’s behind (no pun intended) the dramatic increase in girls our age demanding plumped lips and a big booty?

The Kardashians, says Kim’s cosmetic surgeon.  Yep, you guessed it.

Dr Simon Ourian, who garnered international attention through his most famous client Kim, says the rise in non-invasive cosmetic surgeries is because of social media, selfies (like this one that was hearted over 3 million times) and the huge impact the Kardashians have on beauty cosmetic culture.

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“I can’t think of any other celebrity who has more impact on social media or on culture as a whole than they do,” he said.

“That’s not debatable. They have more than half a billion social-media followers between them…that’s more than twice the size of the United States”.

WWD reports the last three years have revealed an explosion of millennial cosmetic procedures.

These cosmetic clients have changed the game; Baby Boomers that arrive at the clinic for anti-aging procedures are met with fresh faced 16 year-olds, ready to pucker up and often accompanied by their parents.

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh said it is becoming a bit crazy.

“[Millennials] want the bum of Kim Kardashian, the lips of Kylie Jenner- it’s like a puzzle.”

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released data showing between 2011 and 2016, there was an 87 per cent increase of Botulinum Toxin use. That’s the protein used in Botox, FYI.

Sebagh argues the rise of the “narcissistic era” and the wide use of social media by celebrities is not a good thing.

“It’s damaging; it’s absolutely mad,” Sebagh says. “Because of social media and all that, they have such insecurity and such image perfection issues.”

Here at Miss FQ, we believe it is very important to love and embrace yourself and your natural beauty, especially in today’s social media environment. However if you were considering cosmetic surgery, be sure to get into contact with a certified professional for advice.

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